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Dj Sanny

The Autumn Is Arrived For The Future Of Italo Dance Music And Belong To Popular Artists,One Of Them Is "Dj Sanny J".He Is Our Guest On "IDM" Today,All His Latest New Songs And Productions Are Pure Italo Dance,He Is Ready Here For U And His Fans.U Can Read It On 09 October 2006:

01) What Is Your Real Name,Your Age And Where Do You Live?

my true name and Santo Finocchiaro , I was born in 1973 , and I live in a country that calls biancavilla in sicilia!.

02) How Did You Decide To Produce Songs And What Was Your First Song (Unrelease)?

I have always had the passion from small, and then I have always worked in the disco, and this has always impassioned me to produce. MY FIRST TRUE SONG HAS BEEN A LONG TIME AGO FEL THE EMOTION - FEAT VANIA , PRODUCED SO MUCH'.

03) What Kind Of Music Do You Listen To,Your Favorite Djs (Artists) And What Is Your First Hobby?

I listen to all the son-in-laws of music from the pop one to the dance! I don't have a preferred dj but I respect all of my colleagues that my same job does. my preferred hobbies are the women!!!!!! ejeje!

04) Can You Tell Us That What Are Your Equipments Or Softwares For Use To Produce Your Music?

my study and enough technologicos - with sinth ACCESS Virus C Series - Mixer Yamaha, Cards Audiio Digi 001 and Emu1820M Processors FOCUSRITE - and microphone AKG SolidTube With System Monitor NS10 Yamaha ..ECT ECT.

05) In What Cities Or Countries Have You Done Live Shows In,Would You Like To Come To Asia?

have not been even never in asia would be beautiful to also arrive them to do Mine Dj Set live! I have Made A Live In Spain, Where as dj has been winning manufacturing revelation 2006, to the disco pacha the pineda, and is very beautiful! and there was also with me my friend jordi carreras the whole night to cause trouble!!!!!!

06) Do You Think That Dance Music Is Going Through A Bad Time? How Do You See The Future Of Italo Dance?

the music dance for me and always melody and it won't die' never... there are as boys that make music dance and to make music dance doesn't mean to play, needs to produce passages of quality' if want again the dance! .. in done we are in few to produce music dance with national distribution..!

07) What Are Your Plans For The Future? And Do You Have A New Song (What Is The Name Of That)?

my future sara' full of productions with my record label together with my colleague sonny aka and to give a service to the people of good quality'. in exit there are 12 new individuals - but I can tell you a title of one new passage of mine, that will go out' end month, done together with my friend and colleague Luca Zeta it Calls: coming back to you (Ritorno da te).now will depart' a mega dance Tour Sanny j & Luca zeta Live! what sees us busy in the whole nation in the various evenings! we will begin from the sicilia.

08) And What About Your Label?

my label deals above all him with music dance!! and then electronic music we have 2 well different sectors as productions... to days it will arrive' the new site discoplanet records - where all the products dance and electronics can be purchased..

09) What Can You Say To Your Fans?

thank all the boys that my music listens, and that the original cd buy so' making way, that the music won't die' never! thanks of everything! my success and also yours!!!!! hi and thanks From DJ SANNYJ

Tnx For Ur Interview,Dear Friend!


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