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Daniele Meo

Ciao Dear Friends And Fans,We Have A New Interview After Many Months For U!,Our Quest Is Dear "Daniele Meo",He Is 1 Of The Popular Italo Dance Artist/Dj At These Days.Here is My Interview With Him At "26 Aug 2006":

01) What Is Your Real Name,Your Age And Where Do You Live?

My name is Daniele Meo, I'm 21 and I live in a little village of Abruzzo.

02) How Did You Decide To Produce Songs And What Was Your First Song (Unrelease)?

I have started to write my first songs in play but in a short time I've learned to use many audio softwares and seeing good results I've choosed to try seriously. My first unreleased song has been "Il mio cuore fa bum bum!!".

03) What Kind Of Music Do You Listen To,Your Favorite Djs (Artists) And What Is Your First Hobby?

I listen all genres of music, pop, dance, rock, etc. My favourite artist is Raf for pop music. In the world of dance music I like Dj Mantero :D My first hobby is astronomy and to watch action films on TV.

04) Can You Tell Us That What Are Your Equipments Or Softwares For Use To Produce Your Music?

To produce my music I use a PC with a RME 9632 audio interface, ESI Near 06 monitors, Cubase, various vst instruments (Kompakt, Virtual guitarists, etc.) and samples.

05) In What Cities (In Italia) Or Countries Have You Done Live Shows In,Would You Like To Come To Asia?

I've not had the opportunity to make live show yet. Asia is a nice continent.

06) Do You Think That Dance Music Is Going Through A Bad Time? How Do You See The Future Of Italo Dance?

In this time in Italy the dance music is suffering from the lack of competition, in the radio station especially. I hope that situation change in the future.

07) What Are Your Plans For The Future? And Do You Have A New Song (What Is The Name Of That)?

My next single entitled "Adesso balla" will be released in October under Armonica Records and on the Christmas period there will be a great surprise.

08) And What About Your Label?

In October will be released new "Dance Corporation" compilation that will include "Adesso balla" also.

09) What Can You Say To Your Fans?

I'm very grateful to you. I love you!

Tnx For Ur Interview....Friend!


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