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Dance Songs From Old Years,All We Have Good And Lovely Memorize With These Songs,So They Are Always With Us!,Today I Have A Speciall Interview For You,"Brothers",No Doubt They Are One Of The Best Italo Dance Group In The World,But They Are Still On Silence And Will Back Very Soon With Another Great New Song,Here You Can Read It:

01) Who Are Brothers,Your Age And Where Do You Live?

Brothers are "Watt" the pen name for "Walter Mangione" ( 33 years old) , "Thomas Ferri" ( 33 years old ) and "Jack" the pen name for "Gabriele Pastori".We live in Milan.

02) How Did You Decide To Produce Songs And What Was Your First Song (Unrelease)?

We have decided to play songs together because Brothers is a group of friends with the same passion for music . Our first song is called "I'm Gonna Fly".
03) What Kind Of Music Do You Listen To,Your Favorite Djs (Artists) And What Is Your First Hobby? Tell Us About Your Dj Friends Too!

We listen all kind of music that we consider good, with a good sound and a message for people who listen to. We esteem Dj Prezioso ( he is also our dear friend ) and

we like Planet Funk. Our hobbies are different like Internet, reading, fishing and all about technology

04) Can You Tell Us That What Are Your Equipments Or Softwares For Use To Produce Your Music?

The equipment that we use to produce music are computer Mac G5 , Synth Roland, Yamaha, Virtual Instruments , Logic audio 7.

05) In What Cities Or Countries Have You Done Live Shows In,Which Was Your Biggest Live Show! And Would You Like To Come To Asia?

We have done live shows particulary in Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland ect.. but our biggest live show was in Italy, our country, where there were 300.000 people!

Of course , we would like to come to Asia and to bring with us Brothers's music.

06) Do You Think That Dance Music Is Going Through A Bad Time? Do You Have Any Opinion For Correct That! How Do You See The Future Of Italo Dance?
Dance music changes in different ways , but these alterations ,for us, are a sort of challenges that we want to face up and to win!

07) What Is Your Plan And Your New Project For The Future? And Do You Have A New Song (What Is The Name Of That)?

Actually, we are working ,there are a lot af aspects to mark , but we will say you something as soon as possible.

08) And What About Your Label And Also About Your Common Produce With Other Labels?

Our label is la melodica and the referent is Abaribi Diego.
09) What Can You Say To Your Fans?

Thank you very much for all the congratulations and the emotions that we feel everyday only thank to you. We don't dissapoint you , Fans continue to listen our music.

10) And What About My Homepage,What Is Your Rank For That?

Your homepage is fabulous!!!!


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